"Do what you love, love what you do"

The man, the myth, the legend.

Pimmies a.k.a Pim Janssen, hence the name.

Pimmies is a brand consultant & designer and basically, that means I work one-to-one with  dreamers, start-ups and smaller sized business owners like you get new insights, put ideas into action, and let business grow. This is done trough awesome concepts, strategic thinking and pixel perfect design.

Pimmies is based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, however I work with clients all over the world. Pimmies is a easy going, fun guy to work with. Also a big lover of life, traveling, coffee, beers, typography, design and anything beautiful or artsy. 

How it all started

Ever since I was a kid I’ve had an urge to create whether it was playing with Lego bricks or drawing stuff I was always busy creating something. This made me decide to go to a creative school to learn the basics for the creative field. Soon I found out what I wanted to do in life and how studying wasn’t going to get me there. So after graduating I decided to take action and figure things out along the way as a freelancer.

So there we are, after 3 years of late nights, early mornings, following courses, reading books and working for various clients from all across the globe, some paid, some not. Now I’ve got to the point i’m working as an in-house designer at a branding agency for larger scale corporations while taking on my own clients as a freelancer. This way I can keep on growing, learning by doing, build a network and do the things I love to do. That’s what Pimmies is all about.

My mission

But Pimmies isn’t done yet, as my mission is to beat the system and help other dreamers, start-ups and smaller sized business owners to do the same. One day I’ll get to the point I can be an independent freelancer, skipping the 9 to 5 and work with cool like-minded people on my own terms from where and whenever I want. You’ll probably find me traveling around in my hipster van or sipping a coconut on a sunny white beach while being busy creating cool stuff and growing up without growing old. 

Therefore Pimmies is my ticket, my journey & my story and I’d love to help you create yours.

Excited to work with me?

Pimmies always aims to provide unique high quality work with creative solutions that fit within your budget. To provide a full commitment and ensure a high quality of work Pimmies only takes on a select amount of projects at a time, so be sure to grab a seat before it’s too late.