"Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time"

Entrepreneurs, dreamers & go-getters

Pimmies, at your service.

Pimmies is here for you, the entrepreneur, dreamer, go-getter, game changer & rule breaker. For the ones who believe in themselves, as well as their product or services. Those who want to realize ideas, take action, chase dreams and not someone else’s. For those who don’t want to get told what to do and how to do it, those who don’t give a damn about other people’s opinions and follow their guts.


Pimmies is here for the ones who start small, dream big & make it happen. Those who aren’t afraid to put in the hustle, hard work & grind because we see the bigger picture. While some might see us as fools, we see the opportunities to do just that what we believe in.


Because those who are crazy enough to think they can, are the ones who do. So let’s stop doing what you’re told to do, start doing what you want to do and stop listening to anybody that tells you can’t.


I’m Pimmies, I believe in you and I’m here, to get you there.

Excited to work with me?

Pimmies always aims to provide unique high quality work with creative solutions that fit within your budget. To provide a full commitment and ensure a high quality of work Pimmies only takes on a select amount of projects at a time, so be sure to grab a seat before it’s too late.