"Good things take time"

Stop thinking

Start doing.

Helping entrepreneurs, start-ups & smaller sized business owners to stand out from the crowd, realize ideas and grow their business with strategic thinking, awesome concepts, a touch of technology & pixel perfect design.

Together we'll make it happen

Because Pimmies knows how hard it is to get started and probably even harder to keep going. Pimmies can’t do it for you but is here to guide you along the way from idea to production to final launch and forever after. Let’s have a look at how we will do this. Or…

Brand Strategy

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Brand strategy

This is where pimmies helps you to get clarity about your brand and gain new insights. Together we’ll identify your market position, target audience, brand values, business goals and how we're going to get you where you want to be.
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Brand Identity

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Brand identity

Together we’ll develop a effective Identity that serves your business for years to come. An identity that reflects your business the right way, makes you proud of your business and connects with your target audience.
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Brand support

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Brand Support

Pimmies helps you out to create any other materials for your brand for a truly customized experience for your customers. Think of webdesign & development, print design and marketing collateral you name it Pimmies creates it.
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Product Design

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Product design

Pimmies helps you to realize your ideas into products giving it that special look & feel. Whether you are a brewery looking for cool labels or clothing brand in need of kick-ass designs, Pimmies has got your back.
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Getting excited? well if you are..

An entrepreneur

And your business has been successful for a few years but your current identity doesn’t reflect the company you’ve become or the direction you want to take..

Or a go-getter

You’re a manufacturer looking for kick-ass designs for your unique product in order to make it stand out on the shelf and go from average to special.

A dream chaser

You’re a born entrepreneur who has ideas and is ready to launch a business, but you need some guidance and branding to make it happen. Effective branding which impresses investors and appeals to customers

A game-changer

But your business doesn’t have the results you’ve had in mind or you don’t reach the customers you want to reach.

Pimmies Portfolio

So now you’d like to see some work right? Please check out my case studies, logo & mark collection or other fine works in the menu “portfolio” tab. Or…

Excited to work with me?

Pimmies always aims to provide unique agency quality work with creative solutions that fit within your budget. To provide a full commitment and ensure a high quality of work Pimmies only takes on a select amount of projects at a time, so be sure to grab a seat before it’s too late.